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What color suit should i get? Choosing the right color suit can greatly impact your overall appearance and style. Whether you’re attending a formal event, interviewing for a job, or simply want to enhance your wardrobe, selecting the appropriate suit color is important. In this guide, we will explore different factors to consider when deciding on the color of your suit, helping you make an informed decision that aligns with your personal style and occasion.

What color suit should i get?



The first factor to consider when choosing a suit color is the occasion or event. Different colors are associated with different dress codes or settings. For formal events such as weddings, black tie events, or business functions, classic colors like black, navy blue, or charcoal gray are always a safe choice. If the occasion is less formal, you may have more freedom to experiment with bolder or unconventional colors.

Season and Time of Day:

The season and time of day can also influence your plus size men suits color choice. Darker colors like black, charcoal gray, and navy blue are typically worn in the cooler months or in the evening. Lighter colors such as light gray, beige, or pastel shades are more suitable for spring and summer, as they reflect light and help keep you cool.

Skin Tone and Hair Color:

Your skin tone and hair color can play a significant role in determining the most flattering suit color for you. Generally, individuals with fair or light skin tones and lighter hair colors look best in medium to dark shades, such as charcoal gray or navy blue. Those with darker skin tones can opt for a wider range of colors, including bolder options like burgundy or deep green. Experimenting with different colors can help you identify the ones that complement your features.

Personal Preference and Style:

Ultimately, your personal preference and style should guide your suit color selection. Consider the colors that you feel confident and comfortable wearing. Do you prefer classic and timeless options, or are you more inclined towards bold and vibrant choices? Assessing your personal style can help you narrow down the color range that appeals to you.

What color suit should i get?


Another important aspect to consider when choosing a suit color is its versatility. It’s beneficial to select a color that can be worn for multiple occasions and easily matched with different shirts and accessories. Classic options like navy blue, charcoal gray, or medium gray offer versatility and can be effortlessly styled for various events.

Trends and Fashion:

If you’re fashion-conscious and like to stay updated with the latest trends, you may consider incorporating trendy suit colors into your wardrobe. Each year, fashion trends influence suit colors, so keeping an eye on runway shows and fashion magazines can provide insight into current and popular choices. However, remember that trends come and go, and it’s important to choose a color that you’ll still love years down the line.

What are the styles of suits?

Suits are a timeless and versatile clothing option that can elevate one’s appearance and create a sense of sophistication. From traditional to contemporary, there are various styles of suits available to cater to different preferences and occasions.

  1. Single-breasted Suit

The single-breasted suit is the most common and widely worn style of track suits. It features a jacket with a single row of buttons down the front, typically two to three buttons, although single-button and four-button variations can also be found. The jacket has a notch lapel, which is the standard lapel style for this type of suit. Single-breasted suits are versatile and suitable for both formal and semi-formal occasions.

  1. Double-breasted Suit

The double-breasted suit is characterized by a jacket with overlapping front flaps and two vertical rows of buttons. It usually has peaked lapels or a shawl collar, giving it a more formal and distinctive look. Traditionally, double-breasted suits were considered more formal, but modern variations with slimmer silhouettes have made them adaptable for different occasions. Double-breasted suits are often worn for formal events and black-tie affairs.

What color suit should i get?

  1. Three-Piece Suit

A three-piece suit consists of a jacket, trousers, and a matching waistcoat (vest). The waistcoat adds an extra layer of style and sophistication, making it a popular choice for formal events like weddings, business meetings, or special occasions. Three-piece suits are typically worn with all buttons closed, but more relaxed styling options allow for the waistcoat to be left unbuttoned for a more casual look.

  1. Tuxedo

A tuxedo, also known as a dinner jacket, is a formal suit typically worn for black-tie events and formal occasions. It usually features satin or silk lapels, a covered button front, and a satin stripe down the trousers’ side. Tuxedos can come in various styles, including single-breasted, double-breasted, and shawl collar variations. Traditionally, tuxedos are black, but modern options offer different colors like navy blue or charcoal gray.

  1. Morning Suit

A morning suit, also referred to as a morning coat or cutaway coat, is a formal suit commonly worn for daytime events such as weddings or races. It consists of a tailcoat with a single-button closure in the front, paired with matching striped trousers. The morning suit typically features a waistcoat, often in a contrasting color or pattern, and is accompanied by a formal shirt, dress shoes, and accessories like a top hat and gloves.

What color suit should i get?

  1. Slim Fit Suit

Slim fit suits have gained popularity in recent years, characterized by their tailored and form-fitting silhouette. They are designed to accentuate the body’s contours and provide a modern, streamlined appearance. Slim fit suits have narrower lapels, higher armholes, and a shorter jacket length compared to traditional cuts. They offer a more contemporary and stylish option for those who prefer a sleeker look.

  1. Bespoke or Custom-made Suit

A bespoke or custom-made suit is tailored to fit an individual’s specific measurements and style preferences. With custom options for fabric, lapel style, pocket details, and overall design, bespoke suits offer unparalleled fit and exclusivity. These classic suits are typically made by skilled tailors and require multiple fittings to ensure a perfect fit. Bespoke suits are considered the epitome of luxury and craftsmanship.

In conclusion

Choosing the right suit color requires considering various factors such as the occasion, season, personal style, and your skin and hair color. While classic colors like black, navy blue, and charcoal gray are suitable for most formal events, you can also explore bolder or unconventional colors if the occasion allows. Experiment with different options, consider your personal preferences, and seek advice from fashion experts, if needed. Ultimately, the color should make you feel confident, reflect your personal style, and make a positive impression in any setting.

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