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01.Biltricide :: Opticide
02.Armour Thyroid :: Thyroid-s
03.Biltricide :: Opticide
04.Armour Thyroid :: Thiroyd
05.Cynomel T3 :: Cytomel , Tertroxin
06.Armour Thyroid :: Thiroyd
07.Armour Thyroid :: Thyroid-s
08.Ketosteril tab
09.Berenil Injection
10.Topicort :: Esperson Cream
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Diabete Drug
Diuretic Drugs
Female Hormones
Medication tool
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Welcome to RXasian.com
Save your cost with asian medication.

We sell brand and generic drug. 

Brand  Brand - The drug are the international brand drug such as Novartis, Bayer, Shering etc.
Generic  Generic - The drug are the local made drug but have similar ingradient to the brand.

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Our drug can buy without prescription.
All drugs are follow and base on USA. FDA.
If you are not in USA, some drug may cannot ship
as follow as federal law of your current country.

Let's save 20 - 80%

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 Cate'   Type   Product Name   Generic Name   Manufacturer   Strength   Package  Price   Ship   Status   Buy Now 
Weight Loss Generic  Armour Thyroid   Thyroid (extract)   60 mg Tab  1000 Tabs  $138.00
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Weight Loss Generic  Armour Thyroid :: Thiroyd   Thyroid (extract)   60 mg tab  1000 tabs  $139.00
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Weight Loss Generic  Armour Thyroid :: Thyroid-s   Thyroid (extract)   60 mg tab  1000 tabs  $139.00
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Ungroup Brand  Synthroid :: Euthyrox Levothroid   Levothyroxine ( Thyroxine Na )   50 mcg tab  100 tabs  $35.00
  In stock Buy Now 
Ungroup Brand  Glakay   Menatetrenone (vitamin K2 )   15 mg cap  90 caps  $58.00
  In stock Buy Now 
Ungroup Generic  Ultram   Tramadol   50 mg cap  500 caps/bottle  $270.00
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Specials For June

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